Amy Suardi

I grew up in Ohio singing Donna Summer and writing rainbow bubble letters. On weekends my sister and I would ride in the back of our Caprice Classic station wagon to our farm where we’d pencil-roll down the hill and feed crabapples to the cows. 

Now I live in Washington, D.C. with my Italian husband and our five children, tuxedo cat, and the peaches in our front yard.

How do you pronounce Suardi?  It sounds like a blend of “suave” and “party”:
sua + arty = suardi

goodbye to The way things were

Hello and welcome. This unfolding page of micro-memoirs, essayettes, and poems was inspired by the massive changes in my life caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

My last writing project was a blog about saving money and keeping life simple called Frugal Mama, active from 2009 to 2015. The past several years I have devoted to writing creative nonfiction, but I never seemed to find the courage to let it into the light. Now in this darkness, writing is the way I work toward the light.

I see these short pieces as dots in a pointillist painting, flashes of color that slowly make a bigger picture.

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